Sunday, June 1, 2008

Looking Back

Perspective can be a quagmire. I was overwhelmed this weekend by a photograph that I haven't seen in a long time. My birthday was this weekend and I was surprised with a picture of myself with my first Volkswagen. It was the 1965 VW Bug in original black.

My mother took this picture in the summer of 1991. I was a Junior in high school and a rising senior. My mother choreographed the pose emulating a picture of my grandfather whose had a picture taken in 1965 on the same beetle. I hesitantly sauntered up to my beetle and posed for my mother. She informed me after the fact why this was so important. I felt silly at first, then proud knowing I posed analogous to my grandfather who I never had the pleasure of getting to know.

What is most strange is the emotion that I felt as I gazed at the picture. I always knew that I missed driving this car but what was shocking was the emotions that surfaced. I more than owned this vehicle. I did more than just drive it. I recalled how endearing this car was to me. I also noticed how nice the driveway looked. It reminded me of better times at my parents house during my high school years. The driveway looked great which hasn't been this way until lately. This simple picture has changed my perspective and what continues to drive me to bring this new 57 oval restoration to fruition. It is more than just a project. It has meaning to me. I'm looking forward to taking another picture next to the diamond green metallic with my foot resting on the running board. This time, however, I will feel differently and more proud. Perhaps Whitney, Bailey or Nick will want to put their foot up with me and smile.

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