Monday, August 11, 2008

POR-15 Side of Things


Due to the lack of funds from my employer and the lack of approval from the domestic Chairman of the Board (a.k.a. my wife) I was unable to purchase the parts that I was hoping to have to make the next stride in progress. I was hoping to have the parts to rebuild the front beam and the rear transaxle but an order got pushed back at work and the commissions won’t come until next quarter. However, there another source came through on a spiff so I can press forward.

I had planned a Sunday with my buddy Jon but since we didn’t have the parts he brought over some leftover POR-15 to my delightful surprise. We cleaned up the pan and caulked the joints of the new pans with seam sealer. We brushed on the POR-15 which went on easily. It was like the floor pan transformed right in front of my eyes. It only took about a pint to cover both the underside and the topside. Now I am at the point where we can begin assembly! I have already made the list of items I need to order so I should have those in about a month.

It’s nice having Jon over to help with this project. It has spawned not only a new friendship but creates a distraction from everything else. I think that is important for everyone to have. I believe sometimes we need therapy in the disguise of things we like to do. Some would say that men need something to “fix” at all times. Some women would say it’s because we don’t have the ability to create life. Naaaaah. I think it is because people like to feel accomplished. The process allows us to find out who we really are. It allows us to have pride and show someone “hey…..look at what I did.” You can stand back after getting pushed around and beaten up and proudly say I finished this.

I am very pleased with the progress of this project. While I would like to be finished with it and be driving along with simple elation, I am consistently motivated. A momentous benchmark has occurred. The floor pan is solid and coated with POR-15. It is starting to look and feel like a car. I’m slightly concerned now. On top of raising a family, working full time, and restoring a car, I have officially been accepted to ECU MBA program. Things are going to get tough. I’m not sure I’ll have all the time that I would like do to this new variable. I have finished the office project. That has taken up many weekends just trying to get that done. I just have to stay focused and stick to schedules to get this done. It may require a few nights during the week for an hour or so too. I can’t let this project just linger on into the grey twilight of neither day nor night. To infinity and beyond…….