Saturday, June 21, 2008

Floor Pan Progress


Last weekend was not as productive as I intended but there was some definitive progress. My good buddy Jon came over and gave me a great lesson in welding. First we took a cutting air tool and tried to cut out the floor pans. This proved to be quite laborious. Quickly we ran over to the Bus Man, Steve and begged to borrow his sawzall. We cut the same amount of metal in a fraction of the time. We spent most of the day just gabbing about aircooled stuff and checking in with Steve to take a look at his 72’ Bus. Now the floor pan is ready for its new pans that I ordered. I only needed three because the front right proved to be in great shape. I ordered the Danish Quarter Pans because they are a much higher quality than the crap that comes out of Brazil. I don’t want to be driving down the road and have my seats fly off the track! They took entirely too long to get here. There was a backorder and things took about 2 weeks longer than I had expected.

I decided to make my move on the front beam. I have taken it apart down as far as I can go. I’m amazed at the condition of the bearings. They are in great shape with no signs of wear. The next step will be to spray the front beam and rear transaxle with some Engine Brite and take it to the local car wash to spray off. Then I can start bring both back to life. I have to order about $250.00 worth of parts for it but it should keep me busy for awhile. Jon’s coming over tomorrow!!! Can’t wait ‘cause we’ll have a solid floor pan when he leaves……and that’s a good thing.

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