Wednesday, May 28, 2008



My Lord…..I thought it would never happen. After Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve, Annual Sales Meeting, preparing to move, moving, settling in new home, starting the MBA process, and finishing off the storage attic to make an office………I was able to start working on the oval again.

I was able to coerce my brother-in-law to tote my floor pan in his new trailer. I used 10 bags of the Black Diamond blasting media. It felt like about 2 of those bags ended up in my shoes and the undercarriage of my nether-region. Hell, even when I rubbed my ears I could hear sand rubbing together. Despite the beach blanket bingo approach to sandblasting I got this pan really clean. I also found that the front pans have some perforations too. I sprayed the pan with some cheap automotive primer from Lowes. When my brother-in-law saw the look on my face when he asked me how I was going to get the floorpan back he reluctantly offered to bring it back for me. I humbly accepted since I truly didn’t know how it would get back.

The pan looks beautiful and it is sitting comfortably in my garage again. In a couple of weeks I’m going to weld in new Danish quarter floor pans from M&T Manufacturing. I hear they are the best quality and thickness that you can buy now. My good friend Jon is coming over to teach me and help me weld these in. He claims that I’ll be an expert in no time. I just hope that I don’t weld a hole in my hand.

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