Saturday, October 12, 2013

Peanut Bondo and Door Jam

Getting much closer.  I'm motivated and getting closer to painting. I was blessed today to share some time with Jon (okay...I begged him to come over and save me). Today was focused on getting some tough bondo jobs done and focusing on those damn doors that have been keeping me up at night.  I've been sweating it not sure if I'd have to cut out the heater channels and refit the doors.  I think that when Chris Bolin put the new heater channels in the body shifted slightly or the channels were slightly different cause the doors sagged a bit when I put them on.  They were hanging low and jamming when you shut them.  It was more like they would scrape against the back plate, striker plate, the door jam and side of door.
What we finally ended on is grinding down the back plates on both sides and shimming the striker plate so that it was recessed.  This was allowed the doors to clear easily and the back plate guide the doors into place.  Perfect!!  Now the doors shut well and line up just right (wiping forehead).  Close call but it's done.

Then I spent the rest of the time with Jon's help hammering down some high spots on the hood and fenders.  Added some light bondo and sanded for awhile.  It was wet outside today so it took forever for it to dry before sanding but it got done. There isn't much left but maybe a couple more days of work.  Almost there..........

 Here's what I have left:
1. Finish up the driver side rear fender bondo
2. Finish up the hood bondo
3. spot check the rest of the car for minor blemishes/touchups
4. Take the body off on saw horses
5. Hammer out the H-Apron and bondo
6. The body isn't sitting down on the pan on the driver side (1/2" blocked by the jack stand).  cut out the metal on the top of the jack stand and reweld so body can sit flush on the pan
7. Weld in door skin on the bottom of door rusted out and fiberglass the hold at the corner of door
8.  Paint this bitch.....

Get that done and I can paint.  Looks like I might not get that done before the weather goes cold for good.  If that happens, I think I'll work on the upholstery for the front seats and rear seats.  Must.....see.....paint.......I'm obsessed.