Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Wish List


Four months have gone by and I have not done anything on my bug. This is very disturbing and discouraging. Although I knew that once I started the MBA program I would have less time. Don’t get me wrong I have A’s in both classes and I have found a groove. I think if I had the money I might be able to work on it on the weekends or during the weeknights. However, I have to say that the lack of funds is causing more of an issue. I am hoping that things change in the beginning of next year considering that I have closed a big account. The company also acquired another company so the sales people are hoping for a flux in our base salaries. While I am hopeful, I think the salary bump is not as likely as Obama raising my taxes and socializing our government.

My last chance is to hope that my wife buys me parts for the VW. I need about $220.00 in parts to get going again. I have to rebuild the front beam and the rear transaxle. Then I can reattach it to the floor pan. This would be wise as I can get the engine attached and running again.

Santa if you’re reading this, please get me those tie rod ends……skip the red rider bee bee gun with the compass in the stock. I might shoot my eye out.