Sunday, June 17, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Well......IT'S BACK.  It was a extremely rainy morning but a short ride in a U-Haul and a little help from Jon and my neighbor, Steve, the Oval is back in my garage.  Katie is so darned cute.....she came rushing over to see what was inside.  I don't think she really even remembered that this was in the garage really.  But BOY she was excited.  With the help of Steve and Jon, we just just unloaded it right into the garage onto the 4x4's.  At this point, it seemed logical to just set it right on top of the chassis to see how well it fit.  No time like the present.  It fit fantastically great.  I was a bit nervous because when it went to Chris Bolin's we didn't intend to replace the heater channels.  When they come off, it's a bit scary because you just don't know 100% for certain that it will all fit exactly as it should. 
Nick was ready to go for a ride.  He jumped in the back and found his spot.
It was very cool to look at the rear of the car and see that classic "W" deck of a kind for sure. And take a look at that engine.  Nothing is finer than a clean engine that has been rebuilt.  Especially sitting below that oval window.  Not a common site.  Check out Jon.  What a great sport!  I think he's enjoying this moment too! 

It was a short day for certain but it was so important.  I've been a bit of a wreck not knowing how or when I would get this back.  Chris did some great work on this car.  I love seeing the body in it's expoxy primer.  What a joy and I got so caught up in the moment, that we put the seats on their track and took some pictures with the kids!  What is amazing is that it's actually starting to look like a car! I think I went back into the garage six times that night just to take a peek. A went to bed with a warm grin that evening :) The next step is to get ready and prep for paint.

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