Friday, August 7, 2009

Always Get a Second Opinion


I decide to put on the last of the parts from the “birthday order”. I cleaned up the gear shift lever and reinstalled the shaft too. Everything fit great! Small surprise though. I realized that the coupler to the transmission has an unthreaded side. No big deal as I’ll just reorder another one…..$11.00 no problem. I moved on to install the emergency brake cable…..done. I then insert the clutch cable with no problems. I’m thrilled and ready to call it a day. Then I decide to move the clutch cable back and forth and I hear a crusty-scratchy noise. There was sand from the blasting in the conduit tube. Being the perfectionist, I am resolved that I cannot have this noise every time I push the clutch in. Not in my car! I attach a small amount of cheesecloth with duct tape and pull the cable back out………then………CRAP! The damn thing is stuck half way. Of all the stupid, jackass, idiotic, thumb up the butt things to do. The caveman in me grunts and says, “pull harder”. This is the moment that I which I had gone over to Steve’s house to get a second opinion before I pulled the cheesecloth through. It is absolutely stuck and there is no way of backing this thing out. Now I’m so angry and I’m searching desperately to find something to throw and everything in reach is already restored. I just head into the house and create every compound curse word I can think of while Right Brain looks at me not sure if she should run or console me. One look from me and she walked into the next room.

Now I’m stuck with a terrible dilemma. How do you get this stupid cable out of the tunnel conduit? The last thing I want to do is tear open this tunnel. I might try a come along which will really yank it out and most likely destroy the tube. But if I can’t get it out I’ll have to install a new tube anyway. Must think long time.

Time to put the project on hold. This hurts as I’m so excited and so anxious to finish this and drive. Right Brain and I have decided to change our lives and behaviors. We are striving to be debt free in 6 months. Part of my sacrifice is that I won’t invest any more cash until we are debt free except for the house. It’s tough but it’s prudent during tough economic times. Of course there’s always Christmas Money :-)

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Gregory said...

can you cut the cable right where the cheesecloth is stuck, and then reconnect the two pieces? I would reconnect the two pieces with a layer of duct tape (for some cushioning) and then enough sections of steel rod (4" long, 2" to either side of cut) basically to make a steel shell around the original cable and then slap however many hose clamps you would need to hold it all together.

I would line up the hose clamps right next to each other. It might not be pretty, but if the location is hidden from normal view, only you, me and anyone else who reads this blog will know!

While I'm thinking about it, spray paint all of the steel rods with rustoleum as well as a generous coating of silicone formagasket (or similar product) to protect the steel from rusting.

How much is a new cable housing? I might be willing to donate one just to see the bug run (especially if I get a chance to drive the bug as well!)

Cleaning out the inside of the cable housing was a good idea. NOW we can see that this *ONE* particular technique obviously was not the best, (maybe only because you used a smidgen too much cheesecloth, or you didn't anchor the duct tape solidly enough) but I guess that's why they say "experience" is such a great teacher!